Creative thought & a passion for fashion designs, brought about the inspiration for a unique and innovative brand called Alilia. A growing seed that continues to flower before our eyes.

The skillful combination of luscious fabrics, feminine cuts, and an immaculate attention to hand felt details is what sets the brand apart. Alilia was born to make women feel unique, beautiful, free, and feminine. Every piece was made to be a tool to empower every woman and make her feel her best.

Alilia, a creation by Ali, is more than just a fashion label. It’s inspired by visions of an eclectic life journey and timeless design perception. Born in 1951 to Indian parents in Tanzania and having spent majority of his life being a top designer for some of the most well renowned brands in the world, Ali finally decided to let his creativity channel freely through Alilia. He wanted to build a a brand that would transcend beyond mere fabrics and seams. He wanted a fashion brand that women can connect with, a brand that evokes feelings, life styles, and everlasting memories.

Alilia’s story like it’s muse is a story of fashion, journeys, reunions, love, peace, freedom and beauty. It’s a story we hope to echo through every single piece.


“I don’t see fashion as individual items and shapes, I see a woman who feels beautiful in an outfit that portrays her natural self, fashion is a lifestyle that changes, shapes and touches. Fashion is you, me and them altogether at once, fashion is Alilia.””

Mr. Ali


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